Miulli Associati Cultural Design


The exhibition establishes a dialogue between some of the most significant contemporary artists of the 1900s, born a few years apart -Pino Pascali (1935/1968), Agostino Bonalumi (1935/2013), Enrico Castellani (1930) and Piero Manzoni (1933/1963)- with different educational backgrounds as far as their language and expressive means were concerned, and whose exploration paths run parallel for certain aspects, seem to touch each other, and separate again to take entirely different directions. This is the new generations of artists born in the Thirties that starts showing up in the world of art, changing its language and rules. Above them hovers the twofold incipit by Fontana and Burri with the complementary opposition of nothing is matter and everything is matter.
The exhibition presents a limited but meaningful selection of works meant above all to initiate a process of critical reflection on what was happening from the late Fifties onwards and through the Sixties in Milan and Rome until 1968, the year when Pascali dies before his time and Fontana passes away as well, marking the end of a period that has been crucial to the experimentation in and innovation of art language.

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