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Apulia is a region historically active both in high-quality manufacture and in the dynamics of industrial production. In addition to some internationally renowned brands, there is a large number of companies that provide their services as contractors to as many brands of international importance. Both realities ensure the excellence of the regional know-how. The critical mapping of these realities, started by the several institutional actors involved in the process of territorial development, both in the ambit of management policies and in the field of research and training, characterizes this stage of the cultural debate, focused on the role of design as a discipline capable of creating a bridge between the tradition of artisan know-how and the technological innovation of SMEs. A key role in fueling this debate is played by the young community of Apulian designers, involved in regional as well as in national and international dynamics. The competition that…

Fabrizio Plessi in PLESCALI/
Pino Pascali Prize 2014

The Pino Pascali Foundation, Museum of Contemporary Art in Polignano a Mare, awards the Pino Pascali Prize 2014 to Fabrizio Plessi. Fabrizio Plessi, a pioneer of video art in Italy between the Sixties and the Seventies and, since always, a protagonist on the international scene as the creator of engaging and spectacular video sculptures and ambient video installations, has never hidden his debt to the works by Pino Pascali and to the element of water, which has become Plessi’s distinguishing feature. The prize represents the culmination of a long and successful international career. Nicola Miulli has conceived the design of the exhibition and catalogue “Plescali”.

For a new Adriatic Koinè

Nicola Miulli signing the visual identity of the project Coexistence for a new Adriatic Koinè. The action Art in Port “Coexistence: for a new Adriatic Koine” will consist of five contemporary art exhibitions to be organized in the five Adriatic areas involved in the project IPA ART VISION. The event will involve 25 young and emerging artists and the cities of Tirana, Cetinje, Rijeka, Venice and Polignano, headquarters of the Pino Pascali Foundation. The main purpose is to strengthen the young art network and establish a dialogue between the two shores of the Adriatic. Today, our global consciousness cannot do without the local spirit of places, by which they interact with the aim to define a cultural practice that can be identified as a single Adriatic civilization. The exhibition investigates the concept of identity, which needs to be reshaped and used ‘without any bound’. Identity and difference are key concepts…

Geometrix, 2014

Design influences the world and the future. Let us enjoy our life by the name of design! Design 360° – Concept and Design Magazine is an Asian mainstream magazine. It is an all-round design magazine dedicated to introducing international advanced design concepts, design education, original works, outstanding designers and prestigious design institutes. We advocate nature and environment protection and focus on integration of the cultural tradition and innovation. Since its establishment, Design 360°Magazine has been awarded three times by Design for Asia Award (DFA). We have established long-term cooperation with D&AD, AGI, Icograda, Hong Kong Design Center, Taiwan Design Center, Cannes Advertising Festival etc. So far, Design 360° has tens of thousands of loyal readers all over the world. In this book, Sandu devotes a special insert on the work of Nicola Miulli. www.sandupublishing.com

World of Graphic Design, 2012

We would like to invite you to take a jouney through time. Into an era when toasters, steam irons, electric shavers and sellotape had not yet been invited. There were no antibiotics , no quartz watches, no autobahns and no biros. That year was 1924, and Germany still had not a single traffic light (that came later, in 1926 in Berlin). It was the year of the first flight around the world – even though it was in 57 stages! And it was the year Gebrauchsgrafik was founded, the year today’s novum World of Graphic Design was born. In this book, Novum devotes a special insert on the work of Nicola Miulli. www.novumnet.de


FAI, The Italian National Trust and Moleskine present the third in a series of publications celebrating the role of hand drawing in the creative process, before the mouse comes into action. The Hand of the Graphic Designer book and exhibition showcase 367 original sketches by 108 international graphic designers. Nicola Miulli is present with 5 projects autographed. This volume offers a sampling of the current state of graphic design with an array of significant examples of the art of designing letters, words, signs and images. The book is bound in the classical Moleskine notebook layout: rounded corner, elastic band,  but with A4 red hard cover. Worldwide preview during Milan’s Salone del Mobile, in April 2011. Revenues from the initiative will support of FAI. www.moleskine.com