Miulli Associati Cultural Design
Nicola Miulli Creations develops strategic projects and plans, generating creative visions and multidisciplinary design.

Our work starts from observation, listening, research. Since we believe that brands are living beings that evolve, while keeping their essence and interpreting changes. Before conceiving a design or strategic project, we analyze the context and define the company strategy together with our customers. Design is project culture. Its variations are numberless and, starting from this assumption, Nicola Miulli Creations deals with graphic design, editorial design, product design, interior design, exhibition design from a multidisciplinary perspective and through a cultural sensitivity and a pragmatism that aim at perfection.

We have learned that every activity of the Studio must be carried out in collaboration with customers, paying attention to details and to the different interlocutors and stakeholders. The rigorous methodology and planning of the Studio ensures the “quality control” of the different activities of integrated design. Taking action on several fronts means offering customers an unambiguous and not altered overview.

Main activities:

Creative strategy

We develop creative concepts in support of the manifold actions of integrated design. We outline strategic plans for specific needs in the field of communication and design.

Creative consultancy

We provide creative consultancy for processes of rebranding, aesthetic positioning, definition of manufacturing codes. We conceive targeted interventions for aesthetic and creative actions, in full respect of the DNA and of the brand equity of the company/organization.

Research and experimentation

We study the brand semantics through specific researches, aimed at identifying new creative scenarios for the world of products, corporate identity, interior design.

Corporate identity

We design the corporate image and its restyling, and define all the elements of integrated design that ensure the brand/organization recognition.


We realize publishing projects, both printed (books, monographs, collections, periodicals, magazines) and multimedia (films, videos, documentaries, commercials, web).


design We design micro and macro objects that convey the brand essence.

Exhibition Design

We design exhibition stands for both private companies and public institutions (cultural and museum exhibitions, business stands).

Interior design

We create institutional spaces of work and interaction in full respect of the brand equity.